47ABC WMDT: Activists Hold Rally at President Biden’s Beach Home, Push for Climate Action


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July 23, 2022 by Javari Burnett

REHOBOTH BEACH, Del. – Climate advocates from across the U.S. hit the streets of Rehoboth Beach Saturday with one of President Joe Biden’s vacation homes as their destination and they had one message.

“It’s not enough for him to say we’re in a climate emergency. He needs to write on paper with his signature reallocating federal funds to really solving this climate crisis,” Protest Organizer Noa Gordon-Guterman said.

The protest comes after two new LNG export terminals have been proposed on the Delaware Bay and along the gulf coast. “Both of those would go through high-traffic communities, environmental communities and it’s extremely dangerous. All that trapped gas would go to exports so America actually wouldn’t benefit from that at all. It would just bare the burden,” Gordon-Guterman said.

“Some people call these LNG rail cars bomb trains because literally 22 of these rail cars has the same explosive power as the Hiroshima nuclear bomb,” Protester Sarah Chang said.

Organizers we spoke with say benefits of these LNG exports include being a purer energy source and the potential to create more jobs. Yet, that will all comes at a cost. “The corporation’s are benefiting and then the marginalized communities have to bear the bulk of risks,” Chang said.

“The combined health effects are just disastrous and terrible. Asthma, life expectancy, Cancer. Just unacceptable.”

The protesters did make it to Biden’s vacation home but were told to leave the property due to it being a private residency. Despite this, we’re told their message was still loud and clear. “Creating the systemic change we need to do in order to get us off fossil fuels, invest renewables, and invest in a clear green future,” Gordon-Guterman said.

Protesters traveled all over from areas that include Pennsylvania and Louisiana.

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