Sowing Seeds of Hope

Chester youth and CRCQL members gathered outside of a local vegetable garden with freshly picked produce

On July 24, 2022, CRCQL and C4 hosted a youth gardening event called Sowing Seeds of Hope at Highland Gardens Playground in Chester.

Youth spent the day painting pots, planting flower and vegetable seeds to take home, and learning about the importance of taking care of their environment and themselves, all over some much needed water ice and soft pretzels. It was nearly 100°F on the day of the event, making the pressing concerns of climate change all the more tangible.

After planting their seeds, the group went down to visit CRCQL member Patricia’s backyard vegetable garden to see what their own pots of soil could turn into. Memorably, one 16-year-old boy remarked that it was his first time seeing a vegetable grow. The group had the opportunity to eat freshly harvested vegetables and take locally grown tomatoes home with them, contributed by CRCQL member Erica’s farm.

The event ended with some lively water fights and gift giveaways. The turnout ended up being around 20 local neighborhood kids and 15 adults (consisting of C4 students, CRCQL members, and other community members).

Thank you so much to all the community members that came out to support, and of course to the youth for all their energy and curiosity.

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