Activists from Ukraine and Louisiana join CRCQL to fight against LNG!

CRCQL’s national and international coalition is growing as organizations from around the world unite against LNG and other forces of environmental racism and destruction. Today CRCQL held a historic panel with environmental justice organizational leaders Svitlana Romanko of Razom We Stand and Roishetta Ozane of The Vessel Project of Louisiana at Vittles to discuss our united front against LNG and […]

CRCQL Member Bigga Dre is Citizen of the Week!

Beloved CRCQL member Bigga Dre was honored as Citizen of the Week in The Philadelphia Citizen! The article dives into Bigga Dre’s life and background, highlighting his solutionary activist career and his role in the celebration of Juneteenth in Chester. Check out the article here! “To Dre and his family, pro-Black meant more than anti-racist. It also meant advocating for […]

Huge Win against Incineration in Chester!!

Delaware County Solid Waste Authority (DCSWA) just announced that they will be diverting 7x the current amount of trash to Berks Landfill over next 3 years (with more in the long term) thanks to CRCQL’s & C4’s advocacy and persistence! This is a HUGE WIN– it means less trash in the air, and that our work is making a difference. We will see […]

You don’t need to ‘sacrifice’ Chester for Europe’s energy security (The Philadelphia Inquirer, 4/24/2024)

For full article: The future of energy is clean, green, and renewable, and we would all do well to get with the times. Europe’s energy crisis is over; Robert Habeck, Germany’s vice chancellor and secretary of energy, said so himself at a recent event in Berlin. The United States played a huge role in making this possible. Your liquefied […]

Hundreds gather for 4th Annual Environmental Justice March in Chester, PA

April 20, 2024 – Chester, PA. –  People marched and caravanned from Chester City Hall to the front of Covanta’s trash incinerator, calling for environmental justice and the right to a healthy environment. Hosted by Chester Residents Concerned for Quality Living (CRCQL, pronounced “circle”), the march demonstrated the need for clean air and justice for Chester City residents. Unfortunately, the […]

The city of Chester burns thousands of tons of trash every day. This documentary shows residents’ efforts to stop the pollution. (The Philadelphia Inquirer, 4/18/2024)

For full article: “Trash & Burn,” directed by Bilal Motley, will be screened at this weekend’s “Confluence: Earthly Films for Philadelphia” film festival. Nearly everyone Bilal Motley grew up with has asthma. All of his friends, all of his siblings wheezed as their airways constricted day to day. But this is life in Chester, Pennsylvania. The city’s childhood asthma […]

Community Gathers around Asthma Awareness — Let Us Breathe Event 2024

March 23, 2024 – Chester, PA. – This Saturday, local environmental justice group Chester Residents Concerned for Quality Living hosted a community and family event about asthma awareness. Asthma – a respiratory disease affecting approximately 25 million people – is a condition which narrows your airways and makes it difficult to breathe. Residents in Chester have a higher likelihood of […]

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