Washington Post Reveals Covanta’s Slimy Lobbying Efforts

https://www.washingtonpost.com/business/2023/05/29/climate-incinerators-plastics-subsidies/ “As the Biden administration allocates billions of dollars in new climate subsidies, environmentally challenged industries are sharpening their green pitches. The companies argue they are just as entitled to lucrative federal incentives as solar farms or electric carmakers, and are working to frame their businesses as global warming solutions. The money up for grabs from the Inflation Reduction Act […]

Wade Dump Fire: A Tale of Caution

Earlier this week I reached out to Phil Heron, editor of the Delaware County Daily Times, and asked if they were going to recognize the 40th anniversary of the so called Wade Dump fire. He said he had it on his calendar but with their ever dwindling number of reporters being reduced by yet another one recently, he couldn’t guarantee […]

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