WHYY Covers Chairperson Zulene Mayfield’s Testimony at Philadelphia City Council

Chester residents unhappy with taking Philly’s trash, speak out at City Council hearing The hearing centered on Philadelphia’s use of a Chester incinerator to convert a portion of Philly’s trash to energy. Chester residents opposed to Philadelphia’s process of sending trash to Chester voiced their concerns at a City Council hearing Wednesday afternoon. Zulene Mayfield of Chester Residents Concerned for […]

WHYY – Could Delco get a major LNG export terminal? (June 14, 2022)

Plans for a massive liquefied natural gas facility and export terminal in Chester along the Delaware River have quietly been shopped around to current and former elected officials and their representatives from Chester City Hall to the governor’s office in Harrisburg. WHYY News obtained details of the plan, as well as the company’s lobbying efforts through Right-to-Know requests. Penn America Energy LLC, […]

Why Philly’s trash is Chester’s air pollution – WHYY

whyy.org/episodes/phillys-trash-is-chesters-pollution/ Check out this recording of The Why feature aired by WHYY on June 17, 2019. About one-third of Philadelphia’s garbage goes to a facility in Chester, Pa. where the waste is burned and converted into energy. But that incinerator also pollutes the air Chester residents breathe and researchers say it’s one of the dirtiest in the U.S. Catalina Jaramillo, […]

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